‘Putting the ‘fun’ in funeral’ – guestpost for Sitting on the Swings on my proposed funeral setlist –

‘Travels and Tribulations’ article on the perils of Victorian sea travel for Discover Your History (costs £1 to download) –

Article on publishing with an independent at

Interview with Jennifer Garside of Wyte Phantom Corsetry & Clothing at Suzie Grogan‘s blog on how she got into re-enactments and corsetry, and the hazards of Cat Assisted Design (Jen helped me conduct the research into women’s clothing and mortality rates on RMS Tayleur) –

Guestpost on the Victorian Titanic for A Visitor’s Guide to Victorian England, including details of the media’s complicity in the wrecking of RMS Tayleur

Pig and Potatoes – essay on the generosity of the Irish towards the survivors of the RMS Tayleur, at Literary Orphans

Short piece at Historical Honey on some of the colourful characters on board the RMS Tayleur

12 stories, one a month, as part of Pure Slush‘s innovative 2014 project.  More details here

The Welcome of Weeds – flash fiction included in the 2014 Santa Fe Literary Review

Maggots, marmalade, and maritime food – a nonfiction piece about the kind of food and drink Victorian sea-travellers could expect/hope for/dread, published online here

Things that rip my knitting – an opinion piece on stuff that winds me up, including dolphins, dogbite buggies, and dubious headlines, published online here

Another rant, this time about children’s TV, for the satire/opinion site Sitting on the swings, published online here

Ten Songs – a very personal tracklisting of ten songs that provoke particularly strong memories for me, some horrible, some great, published online here

Nice To Meat You (Not) – a sweary rant about the common reactions I get when people find out I’m vegetarian, published online here

Shitnesses – why I regret not having a bra on when I opened the front door to Jehovah’s Witnesses, published online here

A review of Shaun Attwood’s HARD TIME and Jeremy Scott’s FAST AND LOUCHE, plus a bit about my misadventures with toothpaste, published online here

The Tattoo Ban – a personal article on tattoos, Krazy Kat and Ignatz, and the ugliest flower fairy in the known universe, published online here

Making Angels – included in the forthcoming ‘Trans-Oceanic, INK!’ project from Literary Orphans, more details here

But the cat… – included in the ‘Oh Sandy!’ humorous charity anthology for those affected by Hurricane Sandy, available to buy NOW via

Four chapters – included in print anthology ‘Gorge’ (a multi-author novel) from Pure Slush, available to buy via

Desperately Seeking Sustenance – included in print anthology ‘Real’ from Pure Slush, available to buy via

Introduction to the (last ever) Spilling Ink Review anthology, link no longer available (sorry)

Kiki’s Delivery Service – included in the charity anthology ‘Off The Record 2’, edited by Luca Veste, available to buy via

Craft: The Magic Keys To Tight Prose –  article on how to reduce wordcounts in your writing/edit with ease, published online at

Teething trouble – Runner Up in the Carnage Conservatory Campfire Tales Ghost Story Contest, published online at

Cold Comfort – included in print anthology ‘No Rest For The Wicked’, currently available as an e-book from

Hand To Mouth – published online at

‘Tansy Rogers is her name!’ – included in print anthology ‘Notausgang’ from Pure Slush, available to buy at

Easy cum, easy go – 2nd place in the March Madness contest at Carnage Conservatory, published online at

Because I’m worth it – published online at

The Ghost Of A Smile – illustrated by Shaun Lynch, and available to buy at Lost In Thought magazine here:

Runner – included in print anthology ‘Kino’ from Pure Slush, available to buy soon

Collared – available to buy online as part of the print and also e-anthology ‘100 Horrors’ from Cruentus Libri at

Doggy style – published online at

Great Great Uncle Charlie – nonfiction, published online at

The Rescue – published online at

Working Dinner – published online at

Slut’s Pennies – included in print anthology ‘Slut’, available to buy at

Red Christmas – published online at

Following on – included in print anthology ‘Duality 6’, available to buy at

Book review of Andrew McCallum Crawford’s ‘The Next Stop Is Croy’ – published online at

The Rites Of The Child – published online at

Protein – a true tale of my childhood, published online at

What to do when you wake up raped – published online at

The Tupperware Baby – published online at

2011 Wire Writers’ Short Story Competition – organised a fundraising competition for the local animal shelter, please go to to donate.  The Wire Writers’ website contains useful links at

Fictitious staff profiles – available as a prompt for submissions to Gorge (print anthology) at

Marula Marvel (a celebratory cake recipe) – available online as part of Pure Slush’s first birthday celebrations at

The Gaps Within – published online at

Safekeeping – participated in a four person writing project, published online at

Shoot first – published online at

Fuck Hitler – shortlisted for the 2011 Spilling Ink Fiction Prize, and available to buy at

In her skin – my second novel was recommended for the shortlist of the 2011 Virginia Prize

Smashing Pumpkins – published online at

Pussy – winner of the Crimson Skull contest at Carnage Conservatory, available online at

A present of mice – available to buy online soon as part of a charity anthology of bedtime stories to raise funds for an orphanage in Tanzania

Yellow – published online at

The creature in the coal – online as part of the Patti Nase challenge

Flatus – published online at

Imago – published online at

Baring up – published online at

Miss – a reply piece to Susan Gibb’s ‘Me, My Mother And I’, online at

Five pieces of hint fiction – published online at

Bitch of an itch – published online at Carnage Conservatory

Bad Water – included in print anthology ‘Duality 5’.  Available to buy here

The premature ending of Annie MacLeod – online at and also available to buy as part of the Lost Children charity anthology.  It’s cheap, an exciting read, and raises money for children’s charities both in the UK and USA.  See Amazon for details via the link!

The Starveling – published online at

Sparking a sneeze – in print and online in the current issue of The Linnet’s Wings

A Tempting Homogeneity – published online in a coming issue of Schrodinger’s Mouse

Duty Free – published online at

Baring up – published online at

‘All Natural Ingredients!’ – published online at

Hair ball – published online at

Firework Sand – Honourable Mention for the 2011 Spilling Ink Short Story Prize, published online at

Ponder that pedicure – published online at

Premenstrual Terror – published online at

WARNING – published online at

Rosalia  –  in ‘Stripped’ print anthology, which will be used as part of the MFA program in some American Universities. See link here:

Snow go – published online at

Cost and effect – published online at

A bloodied ear of corn – published online at

A Bottle of Raspberries – published online at

Janice, Josh, and a new evolution – included in ‘Duality 4’ print anthology. Available to buy here

Acceptance – published online at

Black Fish – nonfiction piece which won 1st place in the 2011 Spilling Ink Nonfiction Competition, and was included in the ‘Spilling Ink’ print anthology.  Available to buy here

“The Perfection of Ten” – 2nd place in Southport Writers’ Circle Annual Open Short Story Competition 2010, mentioned at

It’s considered unlucky to kill them… – 1st place in the Unbound Press Flash Fiction competition 2010, and included in the ‘Loose Leaves’ print anthology.  Available to buy here

“The Perfection of Ten” – runner up in a competition

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