Wild – a collection


Wild – a collection of short stories and nonfiction, is now available to buy here – http://www.lulu.com/shop/gill-hoffs/wild/paperback/product-20190137.html

If you fancy listening to a sample piece, Nate Tower read ‘Creating a Stink’ as part of his Cold Reads series of podcasts and you can check out his cool American accent here – http://nathanieltower.podomatic.com/entry/2013-06-17T12_16_30-07_00

Elizabeth Locke reviewed Wild (and also hosted a giveaway), see here for details – http://www.mommatwo.com/2013/02/wild-review-and-giveaway.html

Go here http://pureslush.webs.com/atasteofwild.htm for a taste of Wild and here http://pureslush.webs.com/wildlaunch.htm to view some shots of the launch party (a Wild night indeed!)

There’s a video of me reading ‘Creating a stink’ here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiZgwlZBdDs – a little shoogly at first but it soon stabilizes.  Turn your speakers up – even with an amp it was a bit quiet!

Wild contains a foreword by Jeremy Scott – author of ‘Dancing on Ice’, ‘Fast and Louche’, and the just released ‘The Irresistible Mr Wrong’ – see http://www.bitebackpublishing.com/authors/115 for further details.

Marcus Speh, renaissance man and author of ‘Thank you for your sperm’ says: In my blurb for this book, I said: “In her tales, Gill Hoffs’ unique voice has tamed the wild creating narratives of raw beauty. When I put the book down, I could taste the salt of the green sea on my tongue.” For this mini-review, I’d like to add that there’s a sweetness here, not just sea salt, which is rather rare these days. Fear and bitterness sells so much better. But Gill’s sweetness is of an even rarer kind: it’s not sentimental, soccer-mom sweetness, but it’s gritty. Gill has gargled with sugar water, spat it out and written well. In this collection, you’ll find non-fiction pieces, too which reveal some of the roots of the tales, and the first chapter of her debut novel, An Unusual Darkness, which begins thus: «The first thing Jericho Comstock did was grab the hemp rope coiled like an ammonite by his feet and jump. Jump high. Jump clear of the towering bulk of the sperm whale’s flukes as it crushed the craft and crew that killed it.» I don’t want to analyze this bit to death, but the lyrical tension held here makes me think we’re waiting for a winner here. Such a good book.”  5 stars.

Ronnie Scott, author of Death by Design and editor of ‘Tommy’s War’, ‘Tommy’s Peace’ and ‘The Real ‘Dads’ Army’’ says: “Wild offers exceptional fiction and reportage, with a coast-dweller’s sharp eye for maritime detail, and a humane regard for both the victims and the survivors of shipwrecks, both literal and metaphorical. From ‘Prospects’, a marvellous, moving reconstruction of the murderous maiden voyage of the Tayleur, to ‘Luck is in the Leftovers’, a gripping saga of living on the edge of the land, where life and death ebb and flow like the tides. Gill Hoffs’ writing, fiction and non, swells with the power of life, sometimes life at the expense of other lives, but always animated and alive. This is visceral and vital prose, smooth as a sea-worn pebble yet sharp as sharks’ teeth.”

Email gillhoffs@hotmail.co.uk if you have any queries.

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