Here is my interview with Gill Hoffs

Delighted to announce via this interview with Fiona Mcvie that my nonfiction work is now represented by Jennie Goloboy of the Red Sofa Literary Agency. Huzzah!


Gill Hoffs

Name Gill Hoffs, but I also answer to ‘Mummy!’ and ‘Miaoooooow’

Age 35

Where are you from

I grew up on the Ayrshire coast in Scotland but now consider Warrington in the north west of England home.

A little about yourself e.g. your education, family life etc.  

After gaining a BSc in Psychology from the University of Glasgow, I worked in children’s homes until I had my son.  I’m married to a scientist and owned by Coraline Cat.  I’m also the world’s worst vegetarian – I loathe fruit and veg – and would happily exist on chocolate, Nutella, and deep fried pizza and chips if I didn’t have to set some kind of example for my son.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

I recently signed with the Red Sofa Literary Agency and I’m delighted to now have my nonfiction work represented by Jennie Goloboy.  It’s really exciting to…

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