Meet Gill Hoffs

I won’t be blogging so often this year as I’m conducting research for my next shipwreck book, but it’s always lovely to take a break to chat about writing, especially with someone as pleasant as Nicole. If you’re curious about whether I have a messy or super-neat writing area, or ever read my work aloud while channelling William Shatner, read on!


Interview by Nicole Melanson ~

Interview with writer Gill Hoffs by Nicole Melanson

Gill Hoffs grew up along the Scottish coast and now lives in Warrington with her family, Coraline Cat, and never quite enough chocolate. After gaining a degree in psychology she worked with children with a variety of needs throughout the UK before having her son in 2007. She is the author of The Sinking of RMS Tayleur: The Lost Story of the ‘Victorian Titanic (Pen & Sword, 2014) and Wild: a Collection (Pure Slush, 2012), as well as over a hundred short stories and articles published online and in print. Gill is currently writing her next novel and another non-fiction shipwreck book so (more) chocolate is extremely welcome.

Gill Hoffs’ blog


Migraines. They’re the “silent” type but personally I think mine should be called “smelly migraines” as they usually announce themselves with hallucinations that stink. Vomit, faeces…you name…

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