Guest Blog: The “I” in internet by Gill Hoffs

Somewhat grim guestblog for the lovely Paul D. Brazill including mention of Sandra Bullock, Nutella-flavoured maggots, my shipwreck book, a message in a bottle, and why I don’t want to disappear.


gill hoffs bookOnce there was a little girl who lived by the sea.  So far, so fairytale.  Fast forward a bit and she’s in a dark kitchen with a bad man who is quietly telling her he can make her disappear so efficiently that no-one will even remember she existed in the first place.  He knows the police, he has “connections”.  If he chooses, she will disappear.  And no-one will ever know her unhappy ending.  Or care.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an updated Grimm’s tale or intro to a thriller.  My approach to researching and writing my book “The Sinking of RMS Tayleur: The Lost Story of the ‘Victorian Titanic’” (Pen & Sword, 2014) was affected by my experiences as a kid, but it is definitely a story of those involved directly with the tragedy, not the author writing it.  It’s only when Paul asked me to write a guestpost on…

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1 thought on “Guest Blog: The “I” in internet by Gill Hoffs

  1. Just about to read your book about the Tayleur which I will read with great interest having lived on Lambay Island for several years in the 1960’s and at a very low tide when out in our little dingy around the back of the island fishing for mackeral we could see the remains of the wreck and hearing about your book is bringing back fond memories of the time I spent there. At that time we all lived in the old coast guard cottages and also in the bothy and used the old real tennis courts for hanging our washing in and remember all the people really well along with Lordy as we called Lord Revelstoke, his secretary and his cook/housekeeper Lizzie and we used to have the Shamrock out of Rush come over everyday with our shopping along with equipment etc for the farm and castle

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