In short, Ireland was brilliant! (More to come…)

Although I was only in Ireland for a few days, I managed to pack a lot in, thanks mainly to the incredibly generous people I met there.

windy on the ferry - not going for the Morrissey look, honest

windy on the ferry – not going for the Morrissey look, honest

Too much happened to cram it all into one big fat blogpost, so I’ll let it out over the next few weeks or so, bit by bit.  I’ll definitely be going back over for talks and visits (and signings) sometime this summer so do feel free to get in touch with me on twitter (@GillHoffs) or at to let me know if there’s anywhere in particular I should get in touch with or if you’re a descendant of someone involved with the wreck and fancy meeting up for cake.

Hodges Figgis in Dublin, Manor Books in Malahide, and FeelGood Scuba in Howth all stock “The Sinking of RMS Tayleurso if you fancy a look, that’s where to go.  Alternatively, you can ask your local Eason’s or independent bookseller to get it in – some libraries have it too – or try here

The best bit of the trip, the indisputable highlight amongst a ton of brilliant things, was sailing to the wrecksite itself on a gloriously sunny day.  Many thanks to Howth Sailing & Boating Club for making this happen, and to Harry Breslin for his tales of danger and discovery on the wreck itself, spanning over 50 years.

Sinking of RMS Tayleur - Gill Hoffs - hi res image

Thank you again to the people who made all this possible, including the O Duills for adopting me for the duration and feeding me pasta and icecream, Mike Medcalf for taking me out on Yacht Taurus and feeding me cheese and tomato sandwiches and soup, and John Craddock and his mum for escorting me round the anchor memorials and feeding me toast and fancy hot chocolate.  Can’t wait to go back!Malahide beach - book - Lambay



1 thought on “In short, Ireland was brilliant! (More to come…)

  1. Very much enjoyed reading your new book. I grew up in Malahide and remember many fishing trips to Lambay as a boy. I first encountered the Tayleur when we often got lines snagged in its wreckage. Those cliffs even sank one of the fishing boats of my uncles. I remember him taking divers to the site in the seventies and they found Delph plates. I am glad you enjoyed malahide and thanks for a great book. Let me know if you have plans to create an audiobook if you need local accent. All the best Dr Tom Farrell. Now live in Northants.

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